Your customers do like tot read your catalogue by i-Flipbook

Clear navigation

Your online catalogue should be easy to use. So we focused on making sure that swiping through pages and zooming in is incredibly easy. i-Flipbook makes a digital catalogue that people like to use. 

Designed for iOS and Android

i-Flipbook is very innovative an works on all devices. Readers can use their i-Phone or Android phone, but also their i-Pad or any other tablet to read your i-Flipbook.

Modern techniques 

We have used HTML5 to develop the fastest online brochures. From the moment of opening until the moment of reading: no online brochure is faster than i-Flipbook.

Videos integrated (Youtube,Vimeo)

This feature makes i-Flipbook unique! It is very easy to place your video in i-Flipbook. Select your video and select the page in i-Flipbook on which the video has to be shown.


Printing is easy; print all pages at once or print just one separate page.

No advertising

I-Flipbook is totally ad free. No annoying advertisments in your i-Flipbook that only distract your readers. Only your company and your information is important to your reader.

Page overview

The page overview allows your customers to get a brief look at what they can find in your online catalogue. It also acts as a                          shortcut for quick navigation to a specific spread.


By adding page references in your i-Flipbook, you can help customers quickly navigate to other pages in the publication. It’s also possible to add links to websites.

Unique Search

Fast searching through i-Flipbook? All search criteria will be highlighted!

Link to your own website 

In i-Flipbook you can easily add links. Links to other pages but also links to other websites and ofcourse also to your own website.

Share on Social Media

i-Flipbook readers can quickly share it on Social Media by clicking the "share button". This way your i-Flipbook will be seen by many more people.

Save as PDF

If customers do want to save your i-Flipbook as a PDF they can easily download your PDF through the click of a button.

Zoom in and out

Zooming is easy, bigger text or more attention for a photo? Zooming in and out can be done in several ways.

Optimized for touchscreens

Many readers use tablets to read your i-Flipbook. As tablets have a touch screen we have taken this into special consideration. This is why all butons are big enough to press, you can you swipe through the i-Flipbook and you can pinch to zoom in and out.

What can i-Flipbook help you with?

Flipbook hosting

We host your catalogues. With an average uptime of +99.5%, we guarantee that your catalogues will always be available, regardless of how many people use them.

Connect to Google Analytics 

Connect your online catalogues to your Google Analytics account to understand how customers use your publications.


Use differrent languages for your users. Our standard languages are English and Dutch but you can also select German, French or Spanish.


We support 24/7 on FAQ. You can also reach us by Twitter or e-mail. Most times we will call you to help you!

Unique teaser

With the unique teaser on your website or in your email you can seduce your customers to click on your i-Flipbook. A miniature version of the i-Flipbook will be shown.

Customize the layout (or not)

The i-Flipbook has a default layout which looks pretty sharp. However you do have the option of encorporating your own branding in your i-Flipbook and customize the layout.


Extend your brand experience to your i-Flipbook. You can add a background image and background color. But also decide what extra colours you will add. 


You can easily schedule when you want your catalogues to be published online and when you want them to be taken down again.

Online on short notice

Creating an online catalogue is incredibly easy. All you have to do is drag and drop a PDF into our system and your new digital catalogue will be available in a few minutes.

Privacy Mode

With your own privacy mode it is possible to select if search engines like Google and Bing wil be able to find your i-Flipbook. 

No technical knowledge necessary

To make an online brochure with i-Flipbook is easy. Everybody can make an i-Flipbook; you do not need to have technical knowledge! And if you have trouble making your i-Flipbook you can always call us, we will be pleased to help you.

Optimized for search engines

When you have uploaded the PDF file we will make sure it can be found by search engines like Google and Bing.